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WEB KinghamMat_0029WEB KinghamMat_0029ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0030WEB KinghamMat_0030ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0031WEB KinghamMat_0031ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0032WEB KinghamMat_0032ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0034WEB KinghamMat_0034ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0043WEB KinghamMat_0043ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0057WEB KinghamMat_0057ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0060WEB KinghamMat_0060ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0071WEB KinghamMat_0071ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0092WEB KinghamMat_0092ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0094WEB KinghamMat_0094ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0119WEB KinghamMat_0119ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0122WEB KinghamMat_0122ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0148WEB KinghamMat_0148ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0170WEB KinghamMat_0170ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0165WEB KinghamMat_0165ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0202WEB KinghamMat_0202ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0210WEB KinghamMat_0210ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0214WEB KinghamMat_0214ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0227WEB KinghamMat_0227ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0241WEB KinghamMat_0241ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0262WEB KinghamMat_0262ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0263WEB KinghamMat_0263ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0377WEB KinghamMat_0377ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0378WEB KinghamMat_0378ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0406WEB KinghamMat_0406ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0446WEB BW KinghamMat_0446ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0527WEB BW KinghamMat_0527ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0471WEB BW KinghamMat_0471ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0534WEB BW KinghamMat_0534ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0541WEB BW KinghamMat_0541ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0546WEB BW KinghamMat_0546ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0551WEB BW KinghamMat_0551ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0575WEB BW KinghamMat_0575ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0509WEB BW KinghamMat_0509ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0611WEB KinghamMat_0611ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0604WEB KinghamMat_0604ANTONIO 10/11/14



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The Espejo Family - Ready to Grow by One Stefanie and Zach are ready to welcome baby number two! And, I heard it is going to be a boy.

On a hot summer day in Las Vegas, we were sure to head out extra early to not only capture the beautiful sunlight, but to enjoy 75 degree weather on a 105 degree day. Presley was all smiles and eager to capture some moments with her mom and dad. Baby love was in the air!

WEB StefanieMaternity_0036 cropWEB StefanieMaternity_0036 cropANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB StefanieMaternity_0063WEB StefanieMaternity_0063ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB StefanieMaternity_0052WEB StefanieMaternity_0052ANTONIO 10/11/14



  WEB StefanieMaternity_0085 squareWEB StefanieMaternity_0085 squareANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB StefanieMaternity_0144WEB StefanieMaternity_0144ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB StefanieMaternity_0071WEB StefanieMaternity_0071ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB StefanieMaternity_0176WEB StefanieMaternity_0176ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB StefanieMaternity_0196WEB StefanieMaternity_0196ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB StefanieMaternity_0198WEB StefanieMaternity_0198ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB StefanieMaternity_0093 cropWEB StefanieMaternity_0093 cropANTONIO 10/11/14

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Family, Senior, Engagement Sessions...Oh My! Today was a beautiful day in the Vegas Valley. With it being about 10 degrees cooler at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, we headed out there this morning to capture four sessions!

First we had Ms. McKenna stealing the show.

WEB RW1_2403WEB RW1_2403ANTONIO 10/11/14 Then came our senior who looked stunning in the field.

WEB KaitlynK_0045WEB KaitlynK_0045ANTONIO 10/11/14 A bride-to-be wearing her mother's wedding dress came for her Save-the-Date session with one hot fiance.

WEB VanJess_SMR_0029WEB VanJess_SMR_0029ANTONIO 10/11/14 And finally, Zoe arrived with mom and dad in tow, but we all know she stole the show! Of course, she didn't stay still for ONE SECOND!

WEB Reiswerg_SMR_0182WEB Reiswerg_SMR_0182 It was a beautiful day, with beautiful people! Thank you for spending your morning with me.

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Pups on Parade! Carrie and Matt have two adorable Cocker Spaniels, Ruby and Buddy. We all enjoyed a day on the trails and in the park with perfect weather for a photo shoot. Take a peek at the beautiful color coordination Carrie captured for our day. This is family.

WEB C_Becker_0066WEB C_Becker_0066ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB C_Becker_0053WEB C_Becker_0053ANTONIO 10/11/14 BLOG 2x3 2 Images Beker trailBLOG 2x3 2 Images Beker trail WEB C_Becker_0203WEB C_Becker_0203ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB C_Becker_0208WEB C_Becker_0208ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB C_Becker_0287WEB C_Becker_0287ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB C_Becker_0189 cropWEB C_Becker_0189 cropANTONIO 10/11/14   BLOG 2 Dogs SquareBLOG 2 Dogs Square

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Hot Lights! Hot Couple! These two are getting married this month, and I will have the pleasure of capturing their special day. We took our engagement session indoors to play with the hot lights. And I LOVE OUR PLAY DAY! Take a peek, and enjoy!

WEB BW BritRob_Eng_020WEB BW BritRob_Eng_020ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW BritRob_Eng_083WEB BW BritRob_Eng_083ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW BritRob_Eng_186-2WEB BW BritRob_Eng_186-2ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW BritRob_Eng_038WEB BW BritRob_Eng_038ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW BritRob_Eng_105WEB BW BritRob_Eng_105ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW BritRob_Eng_186-2 cropWEB BW BritRob_Eng_186-2 cropANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW BritRob_Eng_209 cropWEB BW BritRob_Eng_209 cropANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW BritRob_Eng_218 cropWEB BW BritRob_Eng_218 cropANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW BritRob_Eng_228WEB BW BritRob_Eng_228ANTONIO 10/11/14

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Happy Easter!! Because it is Easter weekend, I decided to complete my first blog with our recent Easter Mini Sessions at the Studio.

Petting Zoo 2 U came in with the most adorable animals who love kids AND the camera! We had baby goats, baby bunnies, some large white rabbits, a handsome gray pygmy rabbit, and even some baby chicks - only 3 and 10 days old. Now all we had to do was add some kids and all their cuteness.

We sold out of our shoot in about 2 hours! Thanks to a friend sharing our info on her Mommy-page. So, Lizter was invited to come photograph with us. She happily said yes, AND we had two stations shooting.

But what about animal wranglers? Can't forget the Amazing Haley, Poop-picker-upper Brenda, I-got-em Adam, and Gotcha-Scott.

Tell me these kids didn't have fun!

WEB Easter_2015A_0590WEB Easter_2015A_0590 Sure hope I didn't miss any kiddos! Thank you for allowing me to share.


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