Awaiting Our Sister: A Lifestyle Shoot with the Kinghams

September 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
For over 5 years I have had the pleasure of capturing special moments for Amy and Rich. Well, we have another special moment and there will be plenty more in the future. We chose a lifestyle maternity shoot inside their beautifully decorated home...and it morphed into a little bit more. Please join us for a day in the life of the Kinghams as they await the arrival of their little sister.

WEB KinghamMat_0029WEB KinghamMat_0029ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0030WEB KinghamMat_0030ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0031WEB KinghamMat_0031ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0032WEB KinghamMat_0032ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0034WEB KinghamMat_0034ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0043WEB KinghamMat_0043ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0057WEB KinghamMat_0057ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0060WEB KinghamMat_0060ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0071WEB KinghamMat_0071ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0092WEB KinghamMat_0092ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0094WEB KinghamMat_0094ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0119WEB KinghamMat_0119ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0122WEB KinghamMat_0122ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0148WEB KinghamMat_0148ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0170WEB KinghamMat_0170ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0165WEB KinghamMat_0165ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0202WEB KinghamMat_0202ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0210WEB KinghamMat_0210ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0214WEB KinghamMat_0214ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0227WEB KinghamMat_0227ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0241WEB KinghamMat_0241ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0262WEB KinghamMat_0262ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0263WEB KinghamMat_0263ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0377WEB KinghamMat_0377ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0378WEB KinghamMat_0378ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0406WEB KinghamMat_0406ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0446WEB BW KinghamMat_0446ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0527WEB BW KinghamMat_0527ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0471WEB BW KinghamMat_0471ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0534WEB BW KinghamMat_0534ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0541WEB BW KinghamMat_0541ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0546WEB BW KinghamMat_0546ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0551WEB BW KinghamMat_0551ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0575WEB BW KinghamMat_0575ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB BW KinghamMat_0509WEB BW KinghamMat_0509ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0611WEB KinghamMat_0611ANTONIO 10/11/14 WEB KinghamMat_0604WEB KinghamMat_0604ANTONIO 10/11/14




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